Hi there !

I am Benoît, the youngest of the team and after a year at superhuit it is time for me to tell you a little more about myself !
I have always been curious about all kind of things that are related to IT and video games. After a few internships, I wanted to learn even more and decided to do my apprenticeship in this field.

Therefore, I decided to join the superhuit team for my 4 years of apprenticeship. Within this program, I had the opportunity to choose between 3 different topics :

–    Business Computing
–    Systems Technology
–    App Development

As a result, I decided to go for the 3rd option in order to learn more about programming and web development. As I wanted something that could allow me to work later in the digital field, there was no doubt for me that I would go for app development.
This month I am starting my second year of my apprenticeship at superhuit, and there is not a single day that I regret my choice. In fact, I am learning a lot and it is very interesting, as and I also really like the vibe and the team.

Besides work, I have other passions.
The first one is music, and I can’t live without it basically ! I am listening to it all the time, I also play drums and compose beats during my free time.
The second one is skateboarding as you can see below.

I also have an apprenticeship diary that I regularly update with my new findings and things that I learned, have a look 😉
Last but not least, to illustrate you what I actually do at superhuit here is one of the projects that I realized :

Intégration continue - Desktop Intégration continue - Mobile

The goal was to create a web page that could be used as a styleguide or document library for each project. To do so, I first pictured myself the page on desktop and mobile, then I created the sketch with Photoshop and finally developed it as you can see here.

Well, that’s it for today, now you know more about myself and my project !
Thanks for reading my post, and don’t forget to read the next ones from my team members,

Cheers !