After getting several questions like:
“What does she do?
Is she really the first girl of superhuit?
Where is she from? How did you find her?
Where is she based, Porto or Lausanne?
Is her name like “Sugus” a palindrome? …”
Well I guess it is time for me to give you some answers.

So let’s K.I.S.S – (Keep it Super Simple)

Yes my name is Hannah and as in  “Sugus, Kayak, or Madam” it is a palindrome.
No I am neither a developer nor a designer, but yes a dancer during my spare time.
At superhuit I am thefacilitator/business developer who went as the company’s pioneer to open the Porto office before welcoming the rest of the team. So yes I am based in Porto and, as I was born and raised in Lausanne, from time to time I come back to our Swiss-based office to work and help our clients to increase their performance by implementing Marketing Automation.

How did I land at superhuit ?

Long story short, after graduating from L’Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, working and living in China and Brazil, I decided to pursue a dream and crossed Portugal by bike. Once I arrived at the south border with Spain, I decided to unpack my stuff and stay in Portugal (Lisbon more exactly) to pursue a Master Degree in Marketing Management.
Luck, coincidence or simply perfect timing, when I finished my Master Degree beginning of this year, it happened that superhuit had also a dream: grow the team internationally and (lucky me) in Portugal!
One thing leading to another, they asked me if I was interested in helping them developing their office and team in Porto, and here I am today introducing myself in this blog post after more than half a year within this super’team!

So if you need any tips about Porto, Marketing Automation, or want to learn some dance moves please feel free to contact me! 😉

Até breve em Lausanne ou no Porto!