Packed all my things, painted my room, thrown away things I don’t need and decided to never look back.
As a young boy from Slovakia, I always dreamed about living abroad, finding friends around the world and leaving a positive legacy.
And here I am, halfway through my twenties, sitting on a plane that’s about to impact airport tarmac nearly 3000 kilometers away from rainy Denmark which has been my home for the past 2 years.

With the vision of experiencing the trendy life of a digital nomad after finishing my “multimedia designer” program in Denmark, I am enjoying my bucket-sized cup of cappuccino at the airport in Porto.

As I started settling in Portugal and programming remotely, I got a few ground-breaking realizations about my “digital nomad” life:

How I usually decide things in my life 😀

  1. It’s a lot warmer in Portugal.
  2. Programming 8 hours a day in my room feels pretty lonely.
  3. Programming 8 hours a day for a cause I don’t care about feels pretty depressing and soul-draining.

So I decided to deal (at least) with the second point.

I joined a coworking space and as one of my first attempts to get socially included here joined a movie screening + pizza event.
Slightly intoxicated by alcohol, I got a chance to talk to one young guy there about working and creating something with a purpose, deeper meaning and achieving fulfilment in life.
This is something that really caught my attention.

I think a lot about how much time we spend working, and how many people just do something they feel obliged to do just to pay the rent for a house and some crappy food.
I figured out that as long as I have enough resources to feel materially secure, I care a lot more about what impact does my work have and if it’s aligned with my values.

Back to the story…

As time passed by, I was getting more and more demotivated. Days started blending together as I was working to create something  I didn’t care much about. Until one day…

That one day, I had to decide whether I go back to Slovakia to secure a job for the company I was working for remotely, or end our collaboration and somehow figure out what to do next. Packing my bags and leaving for a city that I don’t like, to work on a project that I don’t care about for a cause misaligned with my values felt like eating a cheap bar of soap.

I made my decision…I am not going back.
Hell, I am a freelancer, so I might just put this legal superpower to use!

And you know what? That guy I talked to on the pizza event seemed to be looking for a developer to join his company.
That guy was Hugo, who started a superhuit team in Porto.

As time passed, I got to know Luis, Hannah here in Porto and the other cool guys in Lausanne. I liked them and their approach. It was fresh, I liked their work, I liked their purpose. And somehow I blended in.

This was my story of starting with superhuit 🙂

In general, I am a lot into so many things, like photography, acrobatics, online marketing, psychology, emotional intelligence, music, and whatnot, so I just dispersed some of that along this post for you to see (if you care :D).

Thank you for reading this, and wish you a lot of fulfilment in your personal and professional life 🙂