Do you know Hannah? Everyone knows Hannah… Whether in Porto, Lausanne, Brazil or China, everyone knows Hannah. You got it right, it was this international woman who introduced me to the superhuit family. But before being my “mamager”, she is a VERY good childhood friend. It is therefore without hesitation that I decided to join this super family.

From Lausanne to Porto

Lausannois since birth, I obviously chose to do everything backwards and join the Porto team. New colleagues, new job, new knowledge to acquire, so why not discover a new city and a new language? Moreover 2 Malagasy in the same place, it was not fair hahaha (yes, Benoit and I are Malagasy, even if I look like a Arab-Brazilian) ! Well… More seriously, I already came to Porto last year. The breathtaking view of The Douro’s shores from the coworking-space, as well as the great evening with Hugo and the others eating an incredible francesinha more than motivated me to do an internship there… 😉

Oh Yes…

I didn’t tell you I was an intern. The enchantment will end in 5 months… Then, Cinderella will return to Eracom (École Romande d’Art et Communication, in Lausanne) to finish her last semester of apprenticeship in Interaction Media Designer. If I look too old to still be a student, it’s not only because of my superhuit beard style, but especially because before choosing this path, I put my finger in all the cook’s dishes before finding the best casserole. Biology was not strong enough and lacked taste. Art History & French literature were perfectly seasoned but by dint of eating them I got sick of them. I thought Economics would be a culinary discovery but unfortunately it was too spicy for my taste.

Today, I am fully enjoying my apprenticeship and superhuit is the ingredient I needed to make my learning even more spicy.

To bake my cake of the future, I already have:

  • Lots of imagination and creativity that we could make jam out of it.
  • 3 tablespoons of dreams
  • A passion for Art and its history
  • Gifted as sketching and painting
  • A handful of trips that formed my youth (as Montaigne would say)
  • And so much more to learn and discover…

Hungry for knowledge, I look forward to learning from all of this host of development and programming top chefs. I am glad to be part of this super team with impressive resources.

Looking forward to meeting you in Porto, Lausanne, or anywhere in the world! I will show you my dance steps attributed to no dances known to date. I will also share with you my knowledge in Art History with pleasure.

Ps: Feel free to visit my portfolio to see my projects  🙂