Have a break and be inspired!

At superhuit, we like to explain what is happening behind the scenes.

That’s what we did by showing you how we manage our projects or by presenting to you the conferences we attend.
Today I would like to talk to you about a concept we set up beginning of 2017: inspiration.

What? What’s the meaning of this word?

During one of our discussions with Fabien and Hugo, we came to the idea that it could be very interesting for our team to periodically take a time to stop, reflect, dream and build together!

How does it work?

Once per month, we stop our activities by the end of the morning and we let ourselves be inspired.
A member of the team presents a project, a company, a technology, an experience, a book that inspired him. Convinced that in our job, we need to constantly innovate and evolve, it is really important to be sensitive and receptive to fresh new ideas (here’s a wink to the other meetings we have just started such as re:fresh, this time for our partners).

If I held the first “inspiration” meetings (because that is really the name we have given to them), Stefano, Gabriel and Benoît took over. In a few months, we spoke about the technological trends projected for 2017 (Artificial Intelligence, Conversational UI, Augmented Reality, etc.), about the notion of ecosystems (who we are, what is our role, in the team but also to our partners), about the importance of relationships and their influence in our daily business, an alternative view of the 5Ps in marketing (parity, partnership, periphery, personnalisation, passion), about what motivates us to wake up in the morning and about what we learned since we have formed our team.
It’s an interactive and participative meeting. We challenge ourselves, we look to empower everyone to progress and go further, having a positive impact on our relationships, on our collaboration and on the quality of our work.

What are the benefits?

Besides pushing us to think and learn new things, these talks are:

  • helping us to develop a culture of sharing ideas, experimenting and asking open questions to our colleagues
  • a great opportunity to improve our public speaking skills
  • driving us to always look at the bigger picture, together as a team
  • encouraging us to be better persons and professionals, with new ideas and a more open way of thinking
  • Here’s an idea on which you can reflect/meditate on this beautiful day