Rachis Clinic

Move again with serenity without suffering from back pain. Rachis Clinic, the specialist of the complex locomotive system.

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The Rachis Clinic offers an interdisciplinary approach of ergotherapists, physiotherapists, back and complex musculoskeletal specialists. Its strength is accompanying you with the coordinated help of different specialists.

The challenge

As a newly created company, the Rachis Clinic had a clear and strong vision, but required in-depth work on positioning and support to define its future brand for its launch and development. The support included the Wellness & Rachis Program sub-brands.

Our solution

Driven by a series of workshops to define the brand's personality, positioning in relation to its market and audience as well as brand messages. The brand fully expresses its commitment to excellence while differentiating itself from the market with an avant-garde and eye-catching visual expression.

Regain your balance and the pleasure of moving on a daily basis.

While medicine mainly treats pain, the Rachis Clinic focuses on its root causes. Working on the balance of life, it applies a holistic approach to help remove back pain as an obstacle.

Inspired by the professions of occupational and physical therapy

The branded visuals draw inspiration from the shapes of the equipment used for occupational and physical therapy exercises as well as certain shapes of bone structures.

Brand DNA

Defining a brand personality is central to positioning. We carried out workshops and identified brand tensions and terminologies that today define the specific brand DNA.

Captivating and avant-garde

The visual expression captivates the attention with graphics in differentiation from the medical field. While expressing the avant-garde DNA of the clinic's approach.

Client testimony

« The workshops and the positioning have enabled us to structure our company, and the DNA has been perfectly translated into our brand. This facilitates recruitment in a tense market, but also our positioning as a clinic of excellence. »

Damiano Salvi, CEO