Update your knowledge with re:fresh!

What a great night at the superhuit office in Lausanne!
A few weeks ago, we got together with some friends and partners to talk about “Online sales and unfair business practices”.
This is the first meeting from our re:fresh series, a new idea of talks and events we imagined for you.

What is re:fresh?

  • Give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate
  • Stimulate or jog (someone's memory) by checking or going over previous information
  • Revise or update (skills or knowledge)

re:fresh is a new event that we created for our partners, clients and friends.
During these casual events, we talk about tech related subjects that are beneficial in improving your business, knowledge or just out of curiosity. They take place during the after work hours and last for about 45min, followed by a nice “apéro” :)
Each event covers a new topic. It might be something you know or have already heard about. The goal is to dig into the subject and re:fresh your knowledge in an interactive and relaxing way.

An excerpt from the first event: Online sales and unfair business practices

For the first round we had the pleasure of inviting Adrien Alberini, an expert in tech and innovation law at Sigma Legal (a law firm based in Geneva and active everywhere in Switzerland), as well as Alain Alberini, who also specializes in this field (Alain is based in Lausanne but just moved to Los Angeles in order to get additional experience and skills in intellectual property law).

I have an e-commerce and I want to sell a lot of products.

  • You have your new e-commerce website, full of shiny products?
  • You are the new kid on the block?
  • You are ready to start your business and you are extremely motivated?

But... just wait!!
Did you think about all the details, even the tiny little ones that could bring you some legal problems?

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before taking any decision:

  • Do you have the rights to use the domain name / brand name you choose?
  • Does it look like an existing one?
  • Do you own the rights of the images you are using on your website?
  • Is your site clear and user friendly?
  • Are the prices correctly displayed during all the purchasing process?
  • Are the shipping fees and information clearly explained/detailed before the purchase confirmation?
  • Are you responsible for user generated content? (Comments, reviews, notes..)

As you see the process is not so easy and a preliminary analysis is needed, in order to avoid errors and problems.

We can define three main areas in which a careful analysis is required:

 I.Design of the website:

  • Every graphic item of your website, images, logos and related brands and products.
  • Domain name and similarities with the competitors.
  • Marketing strategies, aggressive message against competitors.
  • Copyright on third party images and media content.

II.Products offer / services offer:

  • Product prices, shipping prices and additional costs.
  • No hidden costs for the customer.
  • Detailed purchase process.
  • General terms and conditions of sales.

III.Interactions with the users / User generated content:

  • Email marketing, product placement.
  • Comments and reviews.
  • User generated content Policy.

Want to know more about it?

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