Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne

Telling the story of the theater’s creative spirit and the wealth of ideas by way of an efficient and simple website.

Our services
  • UX design
  • Design
  • Web development

The challenge

The Théâtre de Vidy's website aims to reflect not only the creative and lively spirit of theatrical culture, but also its wealth of ideas and performances. It must make finding a show straightforward but also allow visitors to get carried away as they discover the site, requiring it to be easy to use while also offering a rich archive to dive into. To sum up the challenge at hand, it’s this: finding a way to successfully combine simplicity and complexity in this site.

The answer

Following the information architecture work that the Theater commissioned, we collaborated intensively with the Vidy team to come up with and create a design that communicates the best of both worlds.

Creative abundance, space and layers

Visually, the design is very rhythmic and lively, inspired by the creative abundance of the Theater. This creative spirit is expressed through a composition that, while being unstructured at times, is above all rhythmic and contrasting.

The design plays with superimpositions, generating a depth that communicates the playfulness of the space.

Colors that communicate the contextual layers and offer interactions to the user.

The black sections offer a clear graphic break from the rest of the site. These sections open to tell a story, allowing the visitor to dive into the show’s universe as if they were in a theater.