It’s bubbling in the team

There is movement at superhuit!

New projects, an international expansion and many newcomers. Change is good, it brings new ideas and new challenges. As for me, I freshly arrived in July, attracted by novelty precisely to superhuit.

Where was this beardless guy found?

How did I get in this bearded team?
Visual communication started for me at the CRÉA Geneva school during my bachelor degree in art direction. I then did some internships as a junior AD in advertising agencies, in Berne and in Lisbon (that’s right ... already Swiss-Portuguese in the soul!). Once i was back in Switzerland, I had a year of recess in order to fulfill my obligations to serve. Which is a good excuse for me to say that my shaved cheeks are the rest of my army months (if only it were true) and that I was taken from an ad world where gorillas play percussions. If you do not know the reference, you have to watch it with sound.

Think It, Do It, Learn It - Rethink, Redo, Relearn

It's my turn to ask you a question.
Imagine for a moment that the Queen of England came to eat at your house. What would you cook her? Most of us would make a recipe they know and master perfectly. But for me, it will always be something new that I hope will taste good at the end. I like challenges, I like novelty, and I have this desire to always do something palatial that has never been done before. Go forth and make awesomeness!

Here, I am Visual Designer. And like the other visuals designer from superhuit, I make sure that what you have in your plate is aesthetic, looks delicious, and finally that it is delicious. Because a beautiful but meaningless design is like a beautiful but tasteless dish.

Bon Appétit and see you soon for your next project.

Pierrick Allan.