The WP man in the team

Hello it's Felipe, I'm "Frontend Web Developer" at superhuit for longer than 6 months now but I guess you already knew it ;)

For the less "techies" of you, for whom this pretty title doesn't mean much, here is the translated version: Web Developer specialised in the user interface.
But what does my job really consist of? Well, it's pretty simple. Together with the help of my fellow developers colleagues, I create dynamic websites from static designs created by the designers of superhuit.

And to do that I spend most of my days coding behind my screen between coffee breaks and our existential questions, such as "who wants something to eat from Manor?"

My beautiful code editor with mysterious languages such as HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, PHP and a pinch of GIT.

Compared to my fellow developers colleagues, my career path is more simple. Since I finished school, I followed an academic training as a computer scientist, a diploma in computer science of management and started a bachelor's degree in software engineering. All this to work in IT and in the web, as webmaster, web project manager and developer.

But why do my colleagues call me "The WP man"? Actually they never used that nickname before. To be honest, I had to find a catchy title for my blog post!
 So I thought about the "WordPress (WP) specialist" since I regularly participate in WordPress meetings (Meetup) in Geneva and in Lausanne where I am the co-organizer. 
By the way, the next Meetup is scheduled for Thursday next week at superhuit, so don't hesitate to register, come and discover WordPress.

Join and learn how to optimize your WordPress website

I have been working for 3 years now with WordPress to develop custom websites and I think WordPress is an excellent tool for it. As a CMS (Content Management System), WP is both easy to use, quick to set up and very versatile which allows us, at superhuit, to create custom-made experience websites.

Well that's it!
You no longer have excuses for not understanding what a Frontend Web Developer or WordPress is.