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Montreux Jazz Swipe – 3 awards

Do you enjoy live music? If you do, you have probably discovered it during the release of the Montreux Jazz Festival’s program. It’s MJF Swipe! A web app that allows to generate YOUR Montreux Jazz program depending on your taste affinities.

A dense Program

It’s not a secret, MJF’s program is dense, due to the variety of propositions. It’s like a whole world opening in front of you, where you have to dig in to find artists that suits your musical tastes. Some artists are not well known while discovering the program, when they actually deserve a proper attention ! Indeed, Montreux Jazz has the reputation to be a trendsetter and identify the future legends of music.

A simple solution

Facing this reality, we’ve put to profit our ideation and solution skills to simplify the selection of artists to watch during the festival and create a program adapted to your affinities. During a little while, the MJF Swipe app replaced the home page of the festival website, allowing future festival participant to discover this new tool made and thought for them.

This app is swift and playful, you swipe between several musical propositions and get a tailor made program highlighting artists that are not to be missed. It’s easy, fast and fun !

3 international awards