It’s not because you have nothing interesting to say that you have to shut up

What about being explorer again? Looking for sense and for our own individual culture. At Superhuit, consciousness, colourful characters and talents gather in one entity.

Glimpses of hope are leading my existential quest of our common actions. Hope is driving our capacity to accomplish projects and explore life. It is our duty as heirs of our past time to understand and pass on this singular human culture.

The road to understanding

We are witnesses and actors of a world more and more visible to the one we call the other. This other is so similar to us in his singularity. It has been a long time since we used to explore these many unknown lands. We brought back artefacts, stories, tales and other fascinating anthropological observations. We all come from explorer and/or native populations. Through our authenticity, we have met other version of ourself. We all have, in many different ways, wandered through times in our respective environment.

Right there! This is where lives the most brilliant human faculty. The creation of sense through the widely interpretable notion of culture. Human being have the capacity of being creator, receptor and transmitter of numerous complex elements. We all have inherited historic reports, traditions, customs, arts, design practices and many others.

Our time, new traditions

We are living, today, in a rapidly growing globalism that tends to remove the notion of the other in its noble sense. This other, this also who we have consciously and unconsciously became. This is precisely what we should carefully observe. Anyway, this is what I am focus on. I am trying to understand the systems that surround our cultures, our differences, our societies and our communication methods.

Today, what we call design, in its broadest sense, trigger my passion. It fascinates me for its infinite capacity of exploration and its huge scale. My process is full of self-questioning of my role as an observer of who I am. Being a product of my familial, geographical and cultural environment, I am made of a myriad of elements. I challenged my bias through different time spent in California, The Netherland and in Japan. All of that has been massively interesting. This has revealed who are these others, their cultures and what makes them different and similar in many different points to me. This ability to navigate through different minds and cultures is absolutely necessary.

Digital dive

The digital world gives access to many different communication channel. The screen, first interface whatsoever, gives access to the others. It can be very limitative if we do not strictly consider it as a tool. Today's necessity is to transcend speed, technology and this world of immediacy in order to re-thing and include the human factor. This specific aspect of our society is the only one capable of creating fragment of culture, sense and artefacts.

Contemporary neo-language has deteriorate and stripped naked the word "human". This is specifically true in the design world. The tendency of removing any sense of the word has eliminate its imperfection and the complex aspect of the human nature. We want the word without its sense. We need to recreate differentiation and the love for its discovery. Essentialism in the digital design world tend to create closed worlds. The necessity of opening sincere dialog space, experimentation and research areas is more than ever necessary.

My path to the unkown

My name is Loris Olivier and I am searching daily how to create the different cultural microcosms through the digital world. Writing system, typefaces and the different visual design tradition passionate me deeply. Even if the time of my university education goes further away everyday, I continue to be a student by experimenting and learning. The more I explore the more I see the vast amount of thing I ignore.

"I know only one thing is that I know nothing", as Socrate would say. This maxim lead my daily research of sense. This is with true passion that I try to understand my own culture. Through others, I stimulate and enrich my logic system and my design practice.