Porto Supercamp

Time flies, this year we are already celebrating our 5th anniversary! Five years which allowed the team to go from two to about fifteen talents, to open a new team in Porto and to explore new fields.

After 5 years and with a good start inspired by deep convictions, we forged a strong DNA that carried us where we are today and helped us to make good decisions and maintain a clear and authentic line.

For example, we could say:

  • the desire to be part of the "game"
  • improve the quality of digital products and digital branding to a higher level
  • create a healthy environment that encourages autonomy and personal development
  • get up every morning with the conviction that superhuit is the right choice

Consolidating the foundations

As we grow, there is the risk of spreading or losing ourselves by letting daily business and daily pressure take us to horizons that we may not have wanted. The team has grown, evolved and it seemed like it was the right time to take a break together, to dream, to clarify our beliefs and have some "quality time" with the two superhuit teams.

So here we are in Porto with both teams with a clever mix of creative and fun workshops in the Cidade Invicta.

Discover in 4 steps the different workshops of this week.

Immerse yourself in this week by watching the video

Step 1 / Identify our team's beliefs

It seems that in each of us there is a little child... I can assure you that he was well awakened on Monday by putting our feet in our workshop room! A fabulous LEGO collection invaded the room to make us participate in our #SeriousPlay.

The objective:  Help us disconnect, for a brief moment, from our analytical minds and our usual ways of thinking to reconnect with our emotions and dreams in order to identify the team's beliefs.

The strength of SeriousPlay? Be simple and concrete to complete the speech with pictorial representations.

This one-day, which was both fun and certainly intense for everyone, activated our creative minds to allow us to put words to what inspires us and pushes us forward. This helped us to identify, as a team, our common beliefs and bring them together into the "Team's Core Belief" that carry us every day.

I've never doubted the superhuit's team spirit, but to be honest, I didn't expect such "fusão" between the two teams during that supercamp in Porto…
Whether during workshops, surfing, or while eating "uma francesinha" and drinking "um fino" we had the chance to get to know each other better, laughed and even learned a few dance step…yes, you should have been here to see it!
Can't wait for the next one!


Step 2 / Why do we get up every morning?

Every morning we go to work and invest most of our lives in it, but why? What carries us, what are the dreams that inspire us?

On this Tuesday it was time to understand our aspirations as an agency and to identify what stands behind our whys. Finished Legos, let's make room for the post-it.

Objectives: identify the correlation between our whys and team's beliefs.

Step 3 / #BackTothefuture

Agency's objectives are, from our point of view, team's objectives.
We believe we have a collective intelligence strong enough to be able to define together what our concrete objectives are for the next 3 years.

On the basis of our "Team's Core Belief" an ideation process allowed everyone to list the objectives they envisaged in the short and long term. Allowing all objectives to be grouped together and allowing each team member to identify common objectives.

This week was a great discovery! First, the progression, starting from abstract creative representations of each other's ideas, then by stretching, gradually sculpting these ideas as the different workshops progress. Finishing with a concrete result, which, at the end of the week, brought the team together around the same spirit! The richness and diversity of each team-members combined with a relaxed, lively, delirious atmosphere and culinary discoveries, were the cherry on top of the "pastel de nata"!


Etape 4 / Be part of the solution

Get to know each other better, to go further!
The first workshops built the foundations for us to work on concrete improvements. Divided in micro-teams and based on the inspiration of the Design Sprint, each team was able to work on a solution that would concretely improve an aspect of the company based on the goals of step 3.

Projects presented by microteams:

  • Education
    Creation of a one-to-one mentoring solution for newcomers
  • Communication
    Translate our Core Beliefs into a clear manifesto
  • Evaluation
    Build a project evaluation solution based on three groups of criteria: project well-being, team well-being, client satisfaction

Step X / loads of fun

This little report seems too serious for a supercamp :) ?

Well, you know us, a week in Porto obviously also involves "apéros", discovering the corners of the city, initiation to the Lusitan waves, culinary discovery and much more!

It’s not every day you get the chance of having the whole team flying over to Porto for a week of team building. It was a packed one with lots of fun and discovery where through creative exercises we had the opportunity to explore and work on the collective and individual ideas that define our core beliefs and shape the company’s culture - a validation that people do really come first. Couldn’t be happier and proud of being part of all this and I’m already looking forward to the next one!