The rabbit that is an apple

Olá! I’m Ângela Coelho (which means rabbit in Portuguese), the new Frontend Developer for the superhuit team in Porto and here I am introducing myself.

Starting from the top

I was born on April Fools’ day at 1:50 pm, whilst Coimbra’s inhabitants were finishing their lunches. From a young, I had a passion for maths, tech and creative stuff. From learning how to solve equations and having an email account before knowing how to read, to my polaroid camera that has kept me company since the age of seven.
At college, I pursued Design and Multimedia, to feed both my creative and logistical sides. There grew an interest in the role of design in the technological world and how code can shape the design process.

After that, I started working as a Web Designer and Frontend Developer and became more and more invested in improving my code skills so that I could build whatever came to mind. I love to create something from scratch and with only lines of code in order to develop visual experiences, improve the storytelling and transmit something to the person on the other end. I don’t know exactly how to define myself, but let’s say I’m a kind of Web Designer with a special interest in web development and generative design.

Among other things

I suffer from Tsundoku, buy more books than I could ever read in my life. But I actually don’t mind, because it results in me having the best looking bookshelf ever. And besides web and design, I’m passionate about feminism. I gather news, books, videos and everything I can find about it and hope one day I can apply my knowledge to help the development of this.

I associate people with fruits because fruits have a lot of personality. So let me introduce myself as it should be, I’m an apple, the yellow one with a little bit of red. This apple loves to take naps and watch too many TV shows and movies. And she has a weakness for french fries and broa (a delicious type of bread made in Portugal).

How did I end up here?

Well, I was looking for something new, to shake things up a little and I saw superhuit opening. And the rest of the story you probably know already, interview, test day and here I am. New year new job!

Thrilled to be here, to work and learn with the superhuit team!