Transforming raw material into a tasty piece of art. This is what Ackermann's does.

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The challenge

Christophe Ackermann: artisan baker, pastry chef and Swiss chocolatier in the Yverdon region known for winning local and international awards represents the third generation of bakers. After 10 years of developing the business, it was time for him to embark on a new chapter sparked by a desire to redesign his brand.

Our answer

The art of baking is ancestral: it is expressed in the craft of working with shapes and materials. We identified the markers that make Ackermann a unique bakery. By first imaging its future, we were then able to set about bringing this to life in a visual sense.

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Ackermann handcrafted typography

The brand's DNA

Art, traditional craftsmanship and humanity are three strong vectors of Ackermann's identity that the visual identity must transmit.

Both traditional and progressive

The first expression of the repositioning can be seen in the lettering design of the Ackermann logo, which aims to create a distinguishing symbol that represents the brand's DNA.

The logo’s lettering design is constrained, with a contemporary lineal base and contrasting Roman capitals. The logo achieves a perfect graphic balance between a traditional and a contemporary style, between heritage and progress. In such a way, it plays with the brand tension and is aesthetically in line with a refined graphic style.

The similarities between the trades of baking and typography were a source of inspiration. A respect of tradition is strongly anchored in these two trades, which are also associated with a desire to innovate and reinvent themselves.

The art of refining the material

The new brand presents an artistic vision of the use of the baker's ingredients, with each shape offering an artistic metaphor for the materials used.

Flour, chocolate and dough are no longer raw materials, but are transformed into artistic materials.

The Ackermann identity presents an almost infinite palette of variations.

The visual identity is inspired by the old packaging of traditional products, such as Iberian soaps, which were presented with a range of highly creative visuals while remaining coherent.

Ackermann is about people, authenticity and passion. Behind each product are the collaborators and regional craftsmen who are at times not very visible but are committed to quality and the subtleties of taste.

Pictures speak louder than words

The photographic work aims to best represent the authenticity, simplicity and human warmth that is part of the bakery’s DNA.

The composition is pure, with a minimalist approach that allows the subject to fully express itself.

Client testimonial

« I have found in you an exceptional partner. You have helped me lay the foundation for a whole new chapter of positive strategic change. The result is absolutely brilliant and I am very proud to be teaming up with you. »

Christophe Ackermann

A custom designed typography for Ackermann

Discover the typography designed for Ackermann that highlights the strengths of what sets the brand apart as unique.

Ackermann handcrafted typography