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The typography designed for Ackermann highlights the strengths of what sets the brand apart as unique.

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The need for consistency

When redesigning Ackermann's visual identity, consistency was a key consideration. Just like good bread requires local and quality ingredients, a strong visual identity requires attention to detail and consistency.

To meet this challenge, we designed a custom typography that creates a strong link to the symbolism of the logo and increases the visual richness.

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Between tradition and progression

By blending the clean structure of contemporary lineal letters with the contrast of Roman capitals, the typography offers a perfect graphic balance between traditional and contemporary styles as a nod to the Ackermann DNA.

The rhythm, which offers a stark contrast between the verticals and the horizontals, creates a strong and dynamic personality.

A task of readability

Based on the lettering design of the Ackermann logo, the letters have been reworked. The aim is to offer the best possible readability while also creating a slight distinction to the logo’s typography.

On the barrels, the mark of the concave forms were inspired by engravings on stone. This feature boosts the human and authentic sense of the brand.

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