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For more than 40 years, Debiopharm has dedicated itself to the development of new drugs as they tirelessly search for better treatments for patients. The group's strategic evolution made them rethink the way they present themselves. So they called in superhuit to revitalize their brand image and completely redesign their digital presence.


The project team restructured the information to make it easier to understand who the people behind Debiopharm are and what they do. We updated the brand to focus on the human being by putting them at the forefront of everything. The artistic direction led us to a refined and sober graphic expression.

A visual rhythm that balances between dynamism and tranquility

The brand uses a bright red as a nod to its Swiss and Japanese heritage. Its meticulous integration across all the interfaces brings both structure and dynamism.

An information structure designed for all contexts

Each media context was carefully considered in order to provide a fluid experience for the user, whether they are on a cell phone, tablet or computer.