Educate medical staff to offer the best treatment by focusing on the real needs of patients.

Our services
  • Design strategy
  • User research
  • Digital strategy
  • Digital design
  • Web development

The challenge

Dispersing information across a multitude of websites, very diverse audiences with different needs and a rich set of entities (academic, research, training) made it challenging to implement an effective solution.

Our answer

Driven by a desire to keep both students and researchers at the heart of the process, we based our project on user research. Interviews, observational studies and data analysis allowed us to build an effective, fact-based response. Such an approach enabled us to gather most of the information on a single web platform through user paths adapted to each typology.

Different needs, different experiences

We simplified the menu structure. Whether the user is a student, a prospective student, a researcher or a school employee, they can quickly find the information they’re after.

Typographical evolution

We also amplified the focus on the HESAV brand by proposing an adaptation of the logo and the modernization of the visual artefacts with the use of a singular typeface.