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Simplify and unify a complex architecture. Propose a new digital signature.

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ECA was in the midst of a transformation of epic proportions of both its internal and digital organization. This culminated in the move to a new emblematic building and the regrouping of teams from different business verticals. Against this backdrop, the ECA website needed to be overhauled to faithfully reflect all these transformations.

The challenges

One of the major challenges was to overhaul the site’s information architecture, made up of over 1,500 pages, for audiences with very different needs. We aimed to achieve this by successfully aligning the three business verticals and six cross-functional teams.

Our solution

The creation of a tailor-made Design Thinking process to match the site's needs, aspirations and challenges to the realities of its users. We also created a new technological platform to lay a solid foundation for ECA's future website, based on our high-performance and secure headless WordPress technology.

Strategic workshops UX Design

The Design Thinking method was implemented through a series of 14 participative workshops, involving over 20 ECA employees. This approach was supported by both quantitative and qualitative analysis, providing a rigorous framework for confirming or disproving initial hypotheses.

This data was used to define the information architecture and develop the wireframes, which were then subjected to user testing to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of the paths.

A streamlined digital identity with a human face

A new visual identity
The new digital signature catapults the ECA brand into a new era, actively helping to reshape the way the company is perceived by its various audiences. The new, sleek and luminous digital identity, with its prominent white color, symbolizes transparency and trust. The structured grid is deliberately designed to convey an emotional sense of security, and uses “breathing zones” to give an impression of enhanced space.

Imagery that expresses proximity
By depictinginteractions in everyday settings, the imagery is intentionally designed to be warm and deeply human. The imagery tells the story of a close-knit company that fits into your reality.

Customer testimonial

A wonderful encounter with passionate people who are true experts, offering us peace of mind as we progressed through this cross-functional project involving numerous players.

Our satisfaction at the end of the project was down to many reasons. We particularly appreciated the expertise and wide range of skills assigned to the project: the creativity, the sense of work well done, the rigorous and pragmatic design thinking and project methodology proposed all contributed greatly to the achievement of the defined objectives.The collaboration and mutual trust between superhuit and our teams offered us peace of mind as we progressed through this cross-functional project involving numerous players. A wonderful encounter with passionate people who are truly experts in their field.

Rafael Stuker - ECA Communications Manager

Headless Wordpress solution

The site relies on our headless technology based on NextJS/React, which uses Wordpress as its CMS.

The aim is to offer the best possible conditions for overcoming SEO, security, performance and scalability challenges.