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Simplify and unify a complex architecture. Propose a new digital signature.

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The challenge

The Freeride World Tour is the freeride world championship that manages the worldwide Professional, Qualifier, Challenger and Junior Freeride Competitions. The organization called on superhuit to redesign its website to better distinguish the different competitions and their data, while generating transversality to increase awareness of the Challenger and Junior Competitions. It also wanted a site that can handle traffic peaks by being responsive in the different regions of the world.

In terms of technology, the organization was transitioning to a new competition management service, which required the integration of an API synchronization for data processing.

Our response

We supported the organization in clarifying its brand architecture and segmenting competitions via four distinct sub-sites. The visual identity was revisited by creating new graphic codes for digital and print, with the aim of simplifying the relationship with the FWT brand.

When it came to technology, the entire site was developed in semi-static mode with React/NextJS to reduce server load, supported by a CDN service to optimize loading worldwide.

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Discover FWT branding project

Brand evolution and identity overhaul

An evolution of visual identity
The first stage of the Freeride World Tour's new website is the overhaul of the competition's brand identity.

This includes the logo, graphic elements and typographic choices.

Discover the Freeride World Tour brand redesign project


Improved rankings and results tracking

Tracking results is essential on a competition website. Since the FWT has a unique way of working, which differs from one competition to another on the tour, we worked with the FWT to make it as easy as possible to understand.

Greater transparency and the ability to delve deeper
The points calculation system is more transparent and easier to understand, allowing you to delve deeper into a result by relating it to its event or discovering a video of the rider's run.

Pages that enrich the stories between FWT and its audience

The site's pages are designed to enrich the user’s experience, enabling the audience to strengthen its relationship with the world of freeriding and riders.

The pages dedicated to riders are a perfect illustration of this: they offer exclusive content, highlighting the most outstanding videos, relevant articles and images. This includes, of course, a rider's results in the various competitions.

Reinforced internal networking
All data is interconnected, enabling high-quality internal networking. This makes it possible to link the density of content contained in the FWT over the seasons and riders according to years, themes, results and so on.

Customer testimonial

Our collaboration was seamless and responsive for the duration of the brand and web project. Superhuit managed to take into account our strategic challenges and business constraints to provide us with strong solutions.

Superhuit was a true strategic partner throughout the project, from branding to website redesign. Their thoughts and opinions remained objective and focused on the objectives we had set, but with a constant eye out for where improvements could be made.Throughout all the meetings, workshops, countless emails and phone calls, we were able to establish a real relationship of trust with the whole team!

Gabriel Wicki - Head of communication

Live and relive the freeride season

A season is full of emotions, but so is the content produced to bring the season to life and allow it to be relived. The aim of the media section is to showcase all the videos, articles and imagery from the competitions.

Evolution of the Freeride World Tour brand

Discover the evolution of the Freeride World Tour brand and its graphic universe.

Discover the Freeride World Tour brand redesign project