Les chauffeurs de Rémy

The journey is just as important as the destination.

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The challenge

Remy Brand, a transport company for disabled people, was about to enter a phase of development marked by a significant increase in the size of the company and therefore the number of employees and vehicles. This strategic step brought with it issues of brand recognition, market differentiation, and employee loyalty.

Our response

Our branding work identified the uniqueness of Remy Brand's character that sets the company apart from the rest of the market. Our creative process centered on the idea of translating this "soul" into a brand that is both simple and strong: Les Chauffeurs de Remy.

A projection and risk-mapping exercise allowed us to identify the challenges and opportunities involved in the company's development in order to reduce the risks of losing a sense of belonging as the company evolves.

Brand DNA

Identify what makes them unique to propose a strong, coherent brand with significant growth potential.

Naming and logo

The company focuses on people, on life stories rather than on the means (of transport).

So the soul of the company is not the means–or vehicles–but the people. It is these drivers who have a name, who form the backbone of the relationship to the service. Just like Remy would. Based on this observation, the name seemed obvious to us.

From the tree to the forest

The symbol of the Rémy Brand is the tree. This reference point is a symbol of confidence and quiet strength.

While the founder, Rémy, represented the tree, from now on Les Chauffeurs become the forest. Each one has its own shape and its own characteristics that, when combined, form a coherent whole.

A forest in motion

And this forest is in motion, heading to your home to take you to your destination. It is a forest that is visible without being overbearing.

A forest in motion is a simple and strong sign of differentiation. A story that tells itself.

Each vehicle is marked with the brand’s identity in a way that respects the integrity of the vehicle and avoids being overbearing. And so the vehicles become the brand's ambassadors: a strong sign of the company's regional presence.

A journey is above all a human encounter

Create an authentic relationship by approaching others with humanity and humility. In this way, the brand also tells the story of the drivers–Kilian, Angela, Roberto, Maria–the humans behind the service.

It is this authentic and warm humanity that we wanted to transmit in the photo shoot for the visual identity.