Terre des Hommes, My orange

The gamified version of the Terre des hommes oranges campaign.

Our services
  • Research
  • Concept
  • UX/UI
  • Motion Design

The context of the project

In 2020, health restrictions put a stop to the famous street sale of oranges organized by Terre des hommes. During COVID, we created a digital version of the Terre des Hommes orange campaign. In 2022, the NGO wanted to launch an updated version of the game with a new playful concept.

Our response

This digital gamification campaign takes the visitor into a world full of animated illustrations that show the work the NGO does in the field. Each visitor is set the challenge of finding as many oranges as possible within a short period of time. The more oranges they find, the greater the impact on the field.

The illustrations for the 2022 edition were created in collaboration with the talented Catherine Pearson.

A light-hearted and positive way to raise awareness

Once the game is over, the player can donate the total number of oranges collected in the basket. They can also customize the number of oranges, allowing them to choose the exact amount they wish to donate.

To encourage them to make the donation, we highlight the concrete benefits this donation will translate to on the ground. All that remains is for them to take action.