Terre des Hommes,
My orange

Harvest the oranges of Terre des hommes with a donation-oriented mini game.

Our services
  • Research
  • Concept
  • UX/UI
  • Illustration
  • Motion Design

The challenge

In 2020, sanitary restrictions put a strain on the famous oranges in the street campaign organized by Terre des Hommes. Turning the constraint into an opportunity, the NGO enlisted our help to digitalize the campaign. Objective: to remain visible to keep donations coming while appealing to a younger target audience.

Our answer

A digital gamification campaign welcomes the visitor into a playful universe where they are encouraged to collect as many oranges as possible in a short time frame. The more oranges they collect, the greater the impact on the field.

Raising awareness in a light and positive tone

Once the game is over, the player can donate the total number of oranges collected in the basket. They can also customize the number of oranges, allowing them to choose the exact amount they wish to donate.

To encourage them to make the donation, we highlight what concrete benefits this donation will translate to on the ground. All that remains is for them to take action.