Supercamp 2019 – Made in Switzerland

Porto’s supercamp in 2018, was a strong experience, shared with all the persons from the agency. We though that summer 2019 was the perfect season to repeat the experience, but this time in Switzerland !

A supercamp, what for ?

It’s maybe a question that you’re actually asking yourself while the world keeps talking about efficiency, profitability and cost reduction. Is it really smart to invest in a week with the whole team, out of the daily production, when it looks like work doesn’t wait ?

With the agency, we’ve decided not to focus only on financial realities but to capitalise on passion for work and peoples well being. Working in an agency has a special rhythmic, and I believe that each agency would be able to write a book full of stories and fun facts (we’re working on it ;). I have to admit that our reality is quite intense, and we’re convinced that the quality/excellence of what we produce results from people’s talent as well as the quality of the relationship and interactions.

Since then, it’s important to offer moment that participates to the construction of this relationship strength, which connects the teams and provides fun, allows each one to understand other team members and create unique stories altogether. Those little things have a priceless value, generating a strong dynamic and a positive energy on the day to day basis. We have the conviction that this kind of activities is a real investment to improve everyone contentment, which has a tangible impact on our productivity.

Where some people reduce, we decide to invest : which is directly linked to our agency culture.

2019’s program

Last year, through several workshops, lots of time has been invested on common understanding of our beliefs, our goals, our vision and projet creation. Each season defines its proper needs. We had the feeling that during this summer, it was interesting to think less together but focalize on outdoors activities and end the week with an ideation workshop on our futur services.

I suggest a retrospective, non-descriptive but in motion :

The video

Some pictures