Freeride World Tour Rebranding – FWT

Translate the quintessential freedom, adrenalin and visceral force of freeride into the new identity.

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The challenge

The Freeride World Tour is the freeride world championship that manages the worldwide Professional, Qualifier, Challenger and Junior Freeride Competitions. The organization commissioned us to overhaul the competition's visual identity, with a view to opening a new chapter for the years to come. At the same time, we were asked to propose a brand architecture that would make sense across the different competition categories.

Our response

Through a series of workshops, we clarified the Freeride World Tour brand positioning for today and tomorrow. This formed the base on which a new visual identity was proposed, with an approach designed to result in brand greater consistency and strength across the different seasons.

The work also includes an overhaul of the Freeride World Tour logo and the creation of new logos to match the evolution of the competition name.

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Discover the FWT website redesign

Brand DNA

Brand DNA is the fundamental framework within which the brand operates, providing both a creative and strategic framework for the brand's evolution. It is defined through creative workshops.

A new name, a new logo

As the 2024 season gets underway, the Freeride World Tour is changing its name to FWT. This change is designed to reinforce consistency and improve differentiation between the various categories of competition.

The intention of the FWT logo is to create a strong brand, drawing on the distinctive features of the Freeride World Tour logo while retaining a distinct identity.

A new range of color codes completes the distinction between each competition category.

Freeride World Tour logo facelift and revision

The Freeride World Tour logo, which will be used in a variety of contexts, has been redesigned to allow for enhanced maturity and legibility. The harmony of its lettering and graphic forms has been meticulously redesigned.

Respect the mountain, both its magnitude and its temperament.
Dare to attack it while striving to draw the perfect line.

Freeride symbolizes the quintessence of freedom - the perfection of a line on pristine, untouched mountains.

The new visual identity draws its inspiration from this essence. It reveals a streamlined structure, marked by empty spaces and majestic mountain images.

This is directly juxtaposed by graphic assets evoking audacity to set the brand’s identity apart from the crowd. This audacity is defined by defying the immaculate in order to draw the supreme line. It's the adrenaline and visceral force of freeriding that comes through in an identity with a powerful signature, reinforced by bold graphic codes.

Customer testimonial

Our collaboration was seamless and responsive for the duration of the brand and web project. Superhuit managed to take into account our strategic challenges and business constraints to provide us with strong solutions.

Superhuit was a true strategic partner throughout the project, from branding to website redesign. Their thoughts and opinions remained objective and focused on the objectives we had set, but with a constant eye out for where improvements could be made.Throughout all the meetings, workshops, countless emails and phone calls, we were able to establish a real relationship of trust with the whole team!

Gabriel Wicki – Head of communication

Redesign of the Freeride World Tour website

The organization called on superhuit to redesign its website to better distinguish the different competitions and their data, while generating transversality to increase awareness of the Challenger and Junior Competitions.

Discover the FWT website redesign