The Lab


The rabbit that is an apple

Olá! I’m Ângela Coelho (which means rabbit in Portuguese), the new Frontend Developer for the superhuit team in Porto and here I am introducing myself. Starting from the top I was born on April Fools’ day at 1:50 pm, whilst Coimbra’s inhabitants were finishing their lunches. From a…


What a Valaisan!

While leaving the magnificent mountainous landscapes from my hometown to go to the beautiful capital of Vaud, I decided to join the superhuit team. And yes, I am the Valaisan of the team! Having joined the team 3 weeks ago, here I am to…


Porto Supercamp

Time flies, this year we are already celebrating our 5th anniversary! Five years which allowed the team to go from two to about fifteen talents, to open a new team in Porto and to explore new fields. After 5 years and with a good start inspired by deep…


The team is in motion!

I am Siméon and I joined the team officially two months ago as motion designer! I say “officially”, because I had the opportunity to do a 6-month internship there in 2016 and as a result, I already know the team. 😎 😉 Not really motion designer at the…


The backflipping coder

Packed all my things, painted my room, thrown away things I don’t need and decided to never look back. As a young boy from Slovakia, I always dreamed about living abroad, finding friends around the world and leaving a positive legacy. And here I am, halfway through my…


A biolo-geek at Superhuit

Have you ever seen… a DJ in white coat who creates web sites? It’s not an episode (yet) of the French web series in which Alain Chabat gives voice, but after all, it’s up to superhuit team to create it! My name is Bond, James Bo… err I…


The Porto guy and the pursuit
of your dreams

Almost 8 super months have passed since superhuit landed in Porto and 6 since I’ve joined the team. It’s been super fast and super intensive so it’s a good moment for a quick retrospective and about time for a short self introduction. Let’s not waste our supers and keep this…


It’s bubbling in the team

There is movement at superhuit! New projects, an international expansion and many newcomers. Change is good, it brings new ideas and new challenges. As for me, I freshly arrived in July, attracted by novelty precisely to superhuit. Where was this beardless guy found? How did I get in this bearded…


The girl behind the Porto office

After getting several questions like: “What does she do? Is she really the first girl of superhuit? Where is she from? How did you find her? Where is she based, Porto or Lausanne? Is her name like “Sugus” a palindrome? …”…


Refraction: technology that changes

For those of you who’ve never heard of it, MirrorConf is a conference that happens in Braga, Portugal, gathering designers and developers under the same roof with a really interesting speaker lineup. “Refraction: technology that changes” was this year’s title — the 2nd edition — packed with two…


Styleguide Driven Development

Here at superhuit, we like to use the acronym SDD when we explain how we create our Front End code. The definition of this term is Styleguide Driven Development. For each website crafted by our developers, we build and deliver a complete styleguide of the project. A styleguide (sometimes…

Benoît - Le skater de Superhuit


The superhuit’s skater

Hi there ! I am Benoît, the youngest of the team and after a year at superhuit it is time for me to tell you a little more about myself ! I have always been curious about all kind of things that are related to IT and video games.


Motion Design @ superhuit

After more than 8 months at superhuit, I guess it is time for me to introduce myself. My name is Gabriel. Originally from Lausanne, I am passionate about extreme sports and mountain climbing and I have joined the team last autumn as a motion-designer. Today I am in charge of…


Update your knowledge with re:fresh!

What a great night at the superhuit office in Lausanne! A few weeks ago, we got together with some friends and partners to talk about “Online sales and unfair business practices”. This is the first meeting from our re:fresh series, a new idea of talks and events we…


This summer superhuit is heading south to Porto!

Ever since the creation of superhuit, we had the initial dream to grow “passo a passo”. Our human-based DNA Our vision was to build human-sized complementary and passionate teams that benefit from one another in order to grow excellence in a multicultural environment. A new team Convinced that collaborative relationships…